Lessons and YouTube videos created by Dr. Richard Lowery for the Disciples Center for Faith and Giving.

The YouTube links are embedded in the lessons. They were filmed on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.   but it does take me awhile to get there. So you can see what you think! Again, the YouTube links are embedded in the written lessons.

The first and second lessons, are focused on a theology of abundance and human empowerment rooted in the Genesis 1 creation story.

The initial lesson contrasts the imperial Babylonian creation myth and its notion that humans are created to be slaves to the gods -- a handy ideology for the emperor who represents the King of the gods on earth! -- with the Genesis story, where humans are created male and female in the image of God so they can rule in the earth. This is contrasted with "rulership as domination" with the biblical view of "ruling" as generosity and shared empowerment,

Lesson One:  Created in the Image of God

Lesson Two: Sabbath Delight

The third and fourth lessons are focused on the hospitality traditions and sacramental table theology to undergird conversations tabout faith, wealth, creation, and generosity.

Lesson Three: Abundance for All

Lesson Four: A table set with Justice